Article Marketing For Profit – How To Build Your Article Marketing Portfolio

When building your article portfolio, it is important to design something that is easy to manage, and also highlights your writing skills in a positive way. Everything from the fonts you choose to how people navigate the site can mean the difference between a sale and a visitor that simply leaves your site.

To begin, you can start uploading your portfolio onto any number of free web hosting service provider sites. If at all possible, you will want to test the finished page from a dial-up server connection to see if the page loads quickly. You will also be able to learn what kinds of popups or other advertisements will greet your potential customer. It may take signing up for multiple sites before you find one suitable for your needs. On the other hand, you may simply want to purchase webspace and a domain name.

Next, you will want to consider how potential customers will navigate through your site. If you are not a web designer, and do not want to work with HTML, you can hire someone to build the site for you. That said, it is important to choose colors and fonts that will be comfortable for your reader.

When it comes to writing the actual articles, it is OK to start with just one or two per day. As you develop your skills, you will probably want to take down some items, and put up other ones. In this way, you will also have time to work on articles for your customers, without sacrificing the long term benefits you expect to achieve from having a portfolio.

Source by Fabian Tan

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