The Perks of Having Custom Boxes

A custom box is a unique container for any product, and it creates an identity for it and distinguishes brands from one another. What are the benefits of using a custom box for your item or brand? People are used to throwing away packages or breaking them just to get to their desired product, so without much thought, it might not seem reasonable to spend more resources customizing a part of the product that usually ends up in the trash can. Let’s review the perks of having a customized box


Whether it is a well-known company or a brand new one, they need to show themselves in a way that represents who they are and what do they stand for, an identity that differentiates them from the competition and this image has to be congruent with everything they do. Their products also need to display this identity or even create it!

Customers can appreciate the uniqueness of the boxes, the colors and printed designs so much that they might not even rip them apart and not only the hoarders will keep cardboard boxes in their closets.


When the first detail people notice about the new item they bought is well taken care of, they’ll assume the rest will be too. Remember there’s only one first impression so, be sure to make a good one because it won’t just be about the product, it will be about the brand. This detail can give even the newest company a sense of a well-established business.

Make it special; custom printing is an important part of making a box feel unique, and it can be done in different ways. It can be from a simple design with the brand logo all the way to a personalized message to the customer welcoming him to your brand with a thank you note and their name, maybe the signature from someone. Things like this have a significant impact on people’s experience with a brand.

Social Presence

When people love something, they share it and especially on social media, like when they have a delicious looking meal and want to show it to friends and family. Well, the same happens when they get a new “toy,” it gets twisted or posted on Reddit and a custom box gives a lot of presence to the product, it makes it stand out in the competitive market and those unboxing videos on YouTube.

These days, people depend on internet reviews, when they want to buy a new phone or visit a new restaurant they search online to see what people like or think about anything and those reviews will actually have an impact on their decisions. Make it easy for people to promote your brand.

Save Money!

Spending a little extra on your boxes can also save you a lot of money. For starters, costs on labeling can be dramatically reduced, and you help the environment by reducing paper use or even better if you use vegetable based ink, it’s important to mention that this could also improve the brand’s image to the public.

If that’s not enough, custom boxes can also be specially made to provide added protection to products, so that’s less packing material and less risk of the item getting damaged before reaching its destination.

Source by Maryam Nasrullah

Three of Osaka’s Best Hospitals

Osaka is the second largest city of Japan. This financial centre is home to 7% of the Japanese population and also draws in outsiders with its reputation as a major tourist destination. Osaka has many renowned recreational parks, castles, shrines, aquariums and beaches. In general, the health care sector of Osaka is well developed and has many world class hospitals with English speaking employees to care for the needs of visitors to the country. This article outlines some of the better hospitals of Osaka.

Kitano Hospital, located at 2-4-20 Ohgimachi,Kita-ku,Osaka was founded in 1928 and is operated by the reputable Tazuke Kofukai Foundation. Kitano Hospital has 707 beds and more than 1000 staff. It has full fledged sectors for all medical specialties including dialysis and mind-body medicine. The hospital has well designed OPD, a research center and a relaxation room. The surgery sector features a central operation theater and conducts a variety of general and specific surgeries. The modern hematology department offers effective treatment for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The hospital has 24-hour emergency and ambulatory care and a well equipped emergency room(ER) where service of many physicians and surgeons are available. The departments of anesthesiology and critical care medicine are comprised of 7 staff doctors and 5 residents who work in association to provide the best possible care. The ICU has modern facilities to provide respiratory, sedative, circulatory and analgesic care to patients. This is also a premier institution for medical education and research. Tel: 6-6361-0588

Sumitomo Hospital situated at 2-2 Nakanoshima 5-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka is another reliable hospital in Osaka that provides high quality health care service. This modern hospital founded in 1921 employs eminent doctors and offers especially good personal care to its patients. This huge health care facility has full fledged departments in all medical specialties including some rare specialties. These special centers include a cancer chemotherapy center, a diabetes center and a digestive disease center. The surgery department has the necessary facilities to perform various operations such as thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, and cardiovascular surgery. In addition, the hospital has well equipped ICUs, an emergency department and various laboratories. Warm accommodations in spacious rooms are provided in the hospital. Tel: (06) 6443-1261

Nissay Hospital is situated at Itatibori 6-chome, Nishi-ku, 550-0012 in Osaka. It is a well equipped general hospital that offers quality medical service. This modern hospital has achieved the certificate of approval from the Council for Quality Health Care and is recognized by numerous medical societies of Japan. The hospital provides comprehensive health care in every medical department. It has a minimally invasive medical center, a cancer treatment center, and a center for lifestyle-related diseases. The surgery section of the hospital is prepared to conduct endoscopic surgeries such as thoracic, spinal, abdominal, gynecologic and urological surgeries. The hospital also offers effective service in hemodialysis, bone marrow transplants, blood stem cell transplants, antibody therapy, glaucoma surgery, laser photocoagulation and much more. Luxurious accommodations are also available. The hospital is also a well known training and research center, approved by the ministry of health. Tel: 6543-3581

Source by Belle Kay

People Verses Technology

With the recent upsurge of technology, many companies are employing these technologies in many of their operations including sales, record keeping and as far as customer service. Advertising and publicity are now done more effectively than ever, reaching more customers. Another big area that has also evolved with technology is customer service.

Organizations are now employing sophisticated methods to get feedback from customers and give the appropriate response. Some organizations have however gone too far in their bid to employ these sophistications in delivering customer service to their clients. Customer service is now run entirely by automated systems instead of human beings.

Google has reportedly been running most of its services by automated systems. Automated systems provide help to customers; disseminate information to customers and almost everything. Google Health is being run by an automated system, but offers no live help for the system. It means that sick people using this facility only get to interact with a piece of software and not a human.

The fundamental flaw here is that, software is designed to accept a predictable input and produce a predictable output. Human behavior is however unpredictable. If for instance, the health system is designed to prescribe malaria drugs for a patient reporting with a headache and fever. What happens if a patient walks in with a headache but no fever? Provisions could be made for such cases, but there will always be an element of unpredictability at play. A customer service system that suggests solutions may be ineffective when the user encounters a new problem that was not factored in the design of the system.

In any information system that will be used by people, it is very crucial to offer human help to customers, though it may come at a higher cost. Google must be able to offer human help for its facilities as humans are in a better position to handle unpredictable situations than software and hardware.

Source by Andy Fitzpatrick

What to Include in a Brochure For Your Business

Your Company Business Brochure should be one of the most powerful documents in your armory and its contents and image should not be chosen lightly.

But before setting about with the creation your brochure you must have clear of its purpose, it should not be designed as a glorified employment tool, however it should be crammed with technical or financial information as a catch all For any potential readers, no the company brochure's purpose is both clear and simple, it should be a brief but dynamic sales targeted introduction to your company.

Your company brochure should be designed to make readers think "This is a company I should know more about!"
Your new brochure will not be a vehicle to automatically return a signed order in response from a potential buyers desk, nor should it be targeted to do so, the brochure is an introduction and its task is to open the buyers door to your sales team such That they can ensure being at the front of the queue for not just one, but every potential sale.

So before you get to work on your content write down three simple words,

– Brief – Dynamic – Professional

These are the rules against which you must measure the success of your end product.

Now, you are the professional in your chosen industry and "brief" to the designer of a brain scanner will mean something different than to the producer of three flavors of gum.

The different markets will also bring with them a different buyer profile to which your style of professionalism must be targeted, fancy words words may be a turnoff to a small business in heavy industry, while workshop jargon may result in your cost new brochure taking a fast Track visit to the waste bin of an uptown high flyer.

Also remember that a purchaser of drill bits is essentially buying "holes" and so consider "what the customer desires to buy" rather than "what you want to sell."

Your new brochure must convince a potential buyer that his needs will best be served by talking to your company rather than one of your competitors.

So what about the brochures content?

It is a fact that people scanning a new brochure remember things best when presented in groups of threes, any less appears disjointed and groupings of a higher number of items leads to readers loss of interest, so try to describe your core functions under three main simple But powerful bullet point guidelines, for example, Services, Products, Support. These can then be subdivided again in threes if possible, by example under the heading of Products could be, Ceramics, Glassware, Porcelain.

Next consider any buyer specific features that may be relevant to any sub headings, items such as special design computer software, available in both Windows and Mac format, or disabled wheelchairs with user manuals also available in Braille.

A range of well thought out, eye catching, features can often be the key reason why your company gets through the door before your competitors, so keep your brochure content brief so that any unique and important features can be easily spotted.

Now is also a good time to beg, borrow or steal your competitors brochures to compare and contrast styles, image and content, direct copy of a good idea may be easily spotted, but a stub twist on a theme can neutralize a competitor advantage while moving You up the buyers list of potential suppliers.

So by now you have broken down your range of products and services into a number of dynamic headings and added to these a sub content as describes your companies abilities, so where do we go from here?

Well, this is where your specialist knowledge of your market and likely customer profile comes to the fore, a picture is said to paint a thousand words and so use artwork or photographs as befits your industry to conjure up a superior image in the customers mind of Your products or abilities as defined by the bullet points and features.

If you have a company logo or brand then make sure this has pride of placement in a clear and meaningful way and that the style and theme of the brochure complements the image, for example double check color coordination and text fonts.

So your brochure is slowly coming to life but there is still one very important stage to be considered and that is:

"You now have to tell the reader what to do with this new information."

If the potential customer is interested by your new company brochure then they need to be told what to do next otherwise it may just sit in a file and go cold, this next stage of course you will have decided upon and you need to define how further Contact should be made.

– Telesales, you will describe your telesales cycles and ask the buyer to have his diary ready to make an appointment, you will also provide company contact details in case the buyer wishes to contact you earlier.

– The customer contacts you, make sure there is an easy way for them to do this with a highly visible number to call and if relevant a description of office hours or departments to ask for.

– Website ordering or further information systems, ensuring the proper details and information are provided in a prominent way.

Now your brochure is almost ready to go to print but for one all important short paragraph of prominent text which describes to your potential customers in plain and simple terms "Why they should have your company to work with."

These reasons could involve, speed of service, cheapest, most local, friendliest, technically specific, head office appointment or more specifically targeted to mutual benefits or group level rewards, whatever the theme remember, "People buy People First" if the potential customer wars To your company style then buying from you becomes that much easier.

Getting your new company brochure right is one of your biggest investments in the future success of your company so it is worth taking some time over or even getting help from outside as befits your own skills and budget.

Whatever method you chose – Good Luck.

Source by Hobson Tarrant

Forgive All Ebay Sins!

Over the years, I have been amazed at the "blinding" greed and reckless approach to commerce that some business owners have employed. Lying to customers, selling inferior merchandise, and not offering refunds, left a firestorm of irate customers in their wake. Without fail, all of this "ill will" led most businesses to bankruptcy, and in some cases, Federal Prison.

I realize that not everyone engages in "business criminality" that increases to the level of fraud and incarceration. Most people try to be good stewards, and approach their enterprise in an honest and forthright manner. For those of you who own thriving business concerns you already know that in most cases the customer is always right. You make sure that you communicate effectively, refund monies if the buyer is truly unhappy, and try to meet the needs of the people who buy your goods or services.

However, there are more than a handful of eBay sellers that are of the mind that customer service and effective communication is not something that they need not participate in. Take the case of a woman named Barbara, (Nickname: BobAnn) who recently posted her disappointment on the Ryze Business Network:

Barbara Cerda wrote:
Greetings Everyone,

"When will sellers on eBay understand that customer service is key? And when will eBay sellers learn using customer friendly approaches can only make their business grow?" Again today I've bought from a less than friendly seller.

Thought I was placing a bid and instead bought the item at the buy now price. Of course the seller refused to allow the retraction, nor was I allowed to place a bid. I always pay for my winning bids immediately upon email confirmation.

And did so in this case. But it would have been customer friendlier for this seller to accept my retraction to be replaced with a bid. He would have gotten repeat business from me and my friends. His "Buy" price is 30% over the retail price for this item. Lesson learned by me again – that there are way too many sellers on eBay out to grab a buck and the hell with fair practice.

Lesson learned yet again. "


End quote …

The operative phrase here is "repeat business from me and my friends". There is no better endorsement of your product or service than word of mouth advertising. Lack of flexibility on the part of the seller, not only cost them one customer, but also destroyed the potential for future business. Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster!

As an auction seller, (Ebay auction ID: LevelBest77) I would have accommodated her request right away. And while I have never had anyone use "Buy It Now" by accident, I have had several people over the years ask me to retract bids. The number of people who have made that request can be count on one hand! Some, did not even understand the process, (bid retracting) and I was more than willing to guide them through it.

People make honest mistakes, and you should never "abuse" a buyer for doing so. If you plan to get into eBay auction selling for the long haul, always practice good will toward your customers. Unless someone is totally unreasonable, and you have done everything in your power to accommodate their request, never deny people the ability to change their mind, return an item, or retract a bid! Developing good will also requires that you expect customer needs …..

For instance, I had a few overseas customers bid on a wireless router. This particular item needed to be powered with a Universal Adapter, since voltage requirements in France and Australia are obviously different from those here in the United States.

I made this abundantly clear to both bidders before they sent me any payment. The purchase of such an adapter, not to mention the shipping price, would have doubled the US retail cost. I told them that they could probably get the product cheaper at their local electronics stores. Without hesitation, I let them out of their obligation to pay for the item. I then contacted the next highest bidder and offered that person the chance to make the purchase.

Both bidders thanked me for my honesty. They had forgotten about the electrical differences. I could have ignored that little detail, and sold them the item anyway. I just had to put myself in their situation. Think of how frustrated they would have been if I did not reveal that information. Buyer's remorse would have set in quickly, once they realized that they could have purchased the same item for a lot less in their native countries.

While the benefits of these actions may not have an immediate effect, you can be sure that should I ever have another "item of interest!" These two gentlemen would not hesitate to purchase from me. They can count on me to accommodate their needs, instead of catering to my wants. Creating this type of good will instills trust, and the knowledge that you have the customers best interest in mind.

"Me thinketh you doth protest too much!

Do you accentuate the positive? Or, do you run on negativity? Negative eBay feedback is a tool that everyone should use with restraint, or not at all. As a rule, I never leave negative feedback. Without someone has blatantly lied about your product, or attacked you personally without merit, then I would not leave any feedback in the "minus" side of the isle!

"Flame" wars are not pretty. I have seen a lot of unnecessary back and forth "banter" that could have been avoided, if they (the seller) just resisted the urge to make their "two cents" known. Sometimes it gives customers the impression that you are more concerned about arguing, then conducting your business.

I have also witnessed seller feedback that has included some pretty foul language. Engaging in this type of verbal sparring is not much of a confidence builder either. It is more telling of what you are, then about revealing the sins of your customers. Do not go out of your way to register a negative response if you can help it. Heed the sage advice that our Mother's use to tell us: "If you can not say anything nice, do not say anything at all!"

"What we have here is a failure to communicate!"

Communication with your customers should not amount to the sound one hand clapping! Bottom line, if someone e-mails you with a question – answer it! Here is an example of the type of feedback I obtained by doing just that ……

"He was very Helpful and cooperative in answering questions. Follow-up: Will DEFINITELY use his services anytime he has items of interest! Great Seller!"

The gentlemen who left this positive review, wanted to know about some of the particulars of a "Mickey Mouse" clock I had up for auction. His wife is a collector of all things Disney, and thought it would be a nice surprise for her birthday. The clock, to say the least, was in sad shape. It was incapable of keeping time, and the only part of it in working order was the second hand. I thought for sure that he would have disappointed with the item despite full disclosure of all of it's imperfections.

To my surprise, not only did I receive positive feedback, but he also told me that his wife absolutely loved it! In this instance, one man's junk, really, is another man's treasure! I never thought this item was worthy of any praise! The time it took to answer his questions – all of five minutes!

I know that some of you will say that I am not being realistic. You just can not answer e-mails all day; "I have a business to run!" You may proclaim. If you plan on making a living on Ebay, then you better think about hiring someone to help you answer your daily inquires if it is just too overwhelming. If you specialize in a particular product, set up a Frequently Asked Questions page to any Auto-Responder.

If you use eBay on an infrequent basis, and have less than thirty listings a month, then you really do not have any excuse not to provide great customer service and e-mail communication. You should not be inundated with questions regarding that many items, except the product you are selling is technical in nature.

If you ignore your customers, they will go away. Good customer service should be woven into the fabric of every good business. I can not overemphasis the importance of this issue. I continue to be perplexed by the fact that it is last on the list of business priorities for some eBay sellers!

Will good customer service and communication alone make you rich on Ebay? That would be a resounding "no". You will have to understand your market, and provide products that the eBay community will bid on consistently. There will be "bidders & buyers" out there that will make mistakes and commit some auction sins! Forgive all eBay coins and you will be rewarded with happy, repeat customers!

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Review on Five Minds for the Future

In this book, Howard Gardner stresses on five minds that is fundamental for survival in the present digital era and century. As we live in a digital technological world and era, inculcating and cultivating the practices of using these minds are mandatory. The five minds in brief are:

  1. Disciplined Mind: For each one of us to successful in life, we need to focus on one or two disciplines to succeed. Or else we need to compromise doing menial tasks and to master discipline in one subject takes about 10 years. To develop this disciplined mind, one must consistently work on for long enough until he attains mastery in the discipline. In future, Gardner stresses that for each productive and successful individual, he must focus on one or two disciplines proficiently to thrive in the coming generation.
  2. Synthesizing Mind: is basically integrating one or more disciples to take effective decisions and actions so as to succeed. Most leaders and presidents have to use this mind most of the time in their career.
  3. Creative Mind: understands thinking creatively and outside the box. This result in creative breakthrough, inventions, innovations, etc. The author stresses that having creative mind alone helps you reach now without and until it is backed up by disciplined mind and synthesized mind. Or else creative mind is a total failure. Whatever one does creatively need to be practiced and mastered regularly and built into a skill in that particular discipline.
  4. Respectful Mind: is another word for tolerant mind. Cultivating respectful minds helps to celebrate the difference across opinions, view, judgments, religious views, castes, races, etc. Here one needs to be respectful of each other across nations, groups and community
  5. Ethical Mind: is building of ethics, principles and moral values. Here religious values ​​play a great role. Gardner also considers digital way of communicating especially the chat as unethical and stresses here one must be as ethical as possible with support of respectful mind.

This book is a book I would recommend to read not only for the educators but also for the people in all professions including management and leadership. The language is very easy to follow and Gardener had been very down to earth in putting his ideas across. This book is one of the best book I have ever read because I think most of us lack the five minds and we need to be sure to have these 5 minds as a means to live and thrive in the coming decades. I would personally give 5 stars to this book.

Source by Yasmin Muhammad Elias

Honda Accord Repair Car Maintenance

Chances are if you don’t own a Honda, you probably know someone who does. As the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer, Honda creates popular vehicles that are durable, zippy, and dependable. 

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your Honda car, truck or SUV may need include:

  • Oil Changes / Lube Service
  • Tune Ups
  • Radiator – Coolant / Antifreeze Change / Flush
  • Air Filter Replacement A/C – Air Conditioning
  • Wheel / Tire Alignment
  • Timing Belt Replacement / Inspection
  • Brake Inspection / Check / Repair /
  • Service Exhaust & Muffler Repair & Service
  • Honda Inspection Service
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Suspension and Shock Absorber repair service

The Honda Accord is one of the most beloved sedans ever. Excellent engineering, comfort, and reliability are reasons Accord owners often buy the same model again. However, every vehicle will have mechanical problems at some time or another.

Here are the top 5 most common Honda Accord repair problems.

#1: Vibration When Braking This problem typically is caused by warped front brake rotors. Some owners describe this as a rattling, shaking, or rubbing sensation. Accords with over 98,000 are more likely to experience this issue. In some cases, the rotors can be machined as a fix. If too thin, the rotors will require replacement. Brake pad and rotor replacement can cost up to $900, parts and labor.

#2: Transmission Failure Transmission slippage, poor shifting, skipping, or failure may occur in some Accords, usually at over 70,000 miles. Repair might require a transmission overhaul or complete replacement If your vehicle is under the factory warranty, the repairs should be covered. If not, costs for repairs can run you anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000.

#3: Compliance Bushing Cracking If you hear squealing or feel shuddering when turning, it could mean that a part of the steering/suspension mechanism is broken. The compliance bushing is typically the culprit, especially in Accords with 95,000 miles or more. In some cases, a cracked compliance bushing will be detected upon routine service or oil change. Typical repair cost for this problem is $500 to $600.

#4: Power Door Lock Failure Your Accord’s power door locks might activate intermittently on their own, usually on vehicles with over 105,000 miles. Also, the remote door lock control might not function properly. If your vehicle is equipped with an alarm, you might have problems with it going off due to a door lock malfunction. Each door has an actuator, and if one is faulty the entire system can be affected. It costs about $200 to have a door lock actuator replaced.

#5: Dashboard Display Dark For Accords with more than 109,000 miles, you might experience the dashboard display going dark, especially the radio and climate control. This problem is caused by a faulty circuit board which should be replaced. The total cost to repair, parts included, can be around $200 to $300.

Overall the Honda Accord has proven to a reliable and dependable vehicle and consistently garners high customer satisfaction reviews. So what new for the 2016 Honda Accord.

The Honda Accord receives a variety of updates for 2016. Revisions include updated exterior styling (including new LED taillights for all models), revised suspension tuning, new interior trim and, on EX models and above, a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. All sedans except the base LX model now get a 60/40-split rear seat, while the new Honda Sensing package of driver assistance features is available on all trim levels.

Source by Robert Emanuel

The ClickBank E-Commerce Solution can offer you multiple solutions for
Your e-commerce business. Here are some of the
Advantages of using ClickBank.

1. Accept Credit Cards Without a Merchant Account

If your product is downloadable (such as electronic
Books or software), ClickBank may be an excellent
Solution for you. For a $ 49.95 initial fee, you can
Process credit cards and on-line checks for $ 1.00
Per transaction plus 7.5% of sales.

2. Start Your Own Affiliate Program

With ClickBank, you have your own built-in affiliate
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3. Receive Free Advertising

You receive additional exposure through free listing
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4. Obtain Referral Commissions

Even without applying for ClickBank credit card
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5. Eliminate Sales Tax Problems

Are you registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) for
Online transactions for European Union (EU)
Countries since July 1, 2003?

Are you collecting the appropriate state or
Provincial sales taxes?

If you are a Canadian, are you aware of your
Obligation to collect Goods and Services Tax (GST)
And Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on Internet

Again, ClickBank may be your solution. ClickBank
Is registered for EU purposes and adds the
Appropriate VAT to each transaction.

As well, to deal with ClickBank, you must agree to
Sell ​​your product to them. ClickBank then resells
Your product to their customers. Thus, ClickBank
Becomes the retailer responsible for collecting
Sales taxes – not you. Obviously, ClickBank will
Not be subject to sales taxes in most jurisdictions.

Since ClickBank is located in the United States and
Can only sell or use the products it sells from
There, it would appear that Canadian GST and
HST would not be applicable to them.

Of course, this is not legal advice. To determine
Your liability for sales and similar taxes, consult
Your lawyer and accountant.

To read more about sales taxes on Internet
Transactions, visit

Considering its many advantages, ClickBank may well
Be your e-commerce solution!

Source by J. Stephen Pope

Current Trends in Business Communication

Anyone who has owned or worked for a business knows that the continual advancement of technology goes hand in hand with the advancement of business communication. In the last ten years alone, the tremendous technological advancements that have taken place in communication have changed they way we do business so drastically that we view the communication trends of pre-2000 as ‘vintage’. So in a conversation about current trends, be aware that in a few days they will be old trends.

Cloud computing is the latest trend to hit business communication. The most simple way to describe cloud computing is by comparing it to an electricity grid. A ‘cloud’ of shared servers provides resources such as software and data to a host of other computers – all on demand. In reality cloud computing is the natural evolution of the web-based world of communication. It takes the management of the technological infrastructure out of the hands of the IT professionals, who can now focus on their areas of expertise such as development. The use of cloud computing from a business communication standpoint brings in the discussion of finance. Small to medium size businesses no longer have need to purchase, set up and maintain their own server. Capital expenditure budgets are reduced, possibly entailing a conversion of those dollars to the operations expenditure side of the ledger. Another huge benefit to cloud computing in business is how it lowers the barriers of entry into the market. New businesses can simply supply themselves with the appropriate equipment to manufacture their product, a computer and an internet connection, and be ready to communicate to their customers.

The book reader is one of the latest trends to appear on the business communication horizon, but it is not clear if purveyors of commerce have fully appreciated its potential. The book reader has the ability to scan printed material, recognize the characters and using text-to-speech software, play it on the user’s computer or mobile audio player. In other words, you could listen to this article on your iPod. Most business people receive their email on their phone and check, now large volume documents, contracts, training manuals and other printed matter could be downloaded to any device. The affect on business communication is potentially quite significant, but the software is not widely tested or used as yet.

Social media networking has officially crossed over from only being used socially to an important and viable method of customer relationship management (CRM). Using tools like Facebook, blogs, public forums and wiki sites, business can better know how to attract and keep their customers. CRM begins with acquiring new customers through contact management, sales and customer satisfaction. Enhancing CRM occurs through excellent business communication and the use of customer service tools such as product experts and ease of purchasing. Retaining customers occurs through loyalty and reward. CRM software or databases can notify the business owner of long term clients and create the ability to recognize them through promotional measures.

Streamlining every phase of business communication will always be a trend in business. Making it easier for your client to send and receive materials or communication from you is increasingly important. Many companies are choosing to create interactive websites whereby the client can attain a report, invoice or product information whenever they feel the need. This creates a whole new level of service quality, as well as opening up the field of business communication. No longer does the client have to wait for 9 am Monday morning.

PowerPoint presentations have been around for over a decade, but they are still a valuable audiovisual tool in business communication. Dynamic presentations aimed at teaching the client about the product or service are full of impact and have a much clearer result than a one-dimensional oral presentation. Even telephones are being used in a more purposeful way in business communication, and not always for talking. Email, text messaging and internet are readily available and highly useful tools for any business person. Plus book readers (as previously mentioned) will soon allow business related documents to be read on a cell phone.

Technology will continue to advance and new communication devices will emerge. The trick to successful business communication is in keeping up with trends and learning how they can make your business better.

Source by Chris Haycox

Income Tax in the USA: Bad Debt Deductions

In computing income tax in the USA, taxpayers may claim a deduction for business debts that become worthless during the year. {26 USC 166} The amount of deduction is the taxpayer’s basis in the debt. A taxpayer must demonstrate that a particular debt became worthless during the year in order to claim the deduction. The debt owed to the taxpayer must have become worth nothing, not just declined in value. Taxpayers may not claim deductions for reserves related to bad debts, only for specific bad debts. The portion of a specific debt that is charged off (abandoned) during a year may be deducted, subject to IRS approval as to validity of the charge off and the amount.

For the taxpayer to get a deduction, two conditions must exist:

  • The taxpayer must have basis in a debt, and
  • The debt must have become worthless during the year.

What Is a Debt?

A business debt is any amount owed to a taxpayer that arose in connection with a trade or business. This includes an account or note receivable from sale of goods, performance of services, rental or provision of property, or any other business activity. The form of the debt is usually irrelevant. Thus an informal promise to pay a fee for professional services is a debt owed to the professional under the terms of the informal promise.

Amount of Bad Debt Deduction

A deduction for bad debts or worthlessness is allowed only for the taxpayer’s basis in the property. Debts are property in the hands of the holder of the debt (the creditor), but are not property in the hands of the borrower or issuer of the debt. {Cleveland, Painesville, and Ashtabula Railroad Company v. Pennsylvania, 82 US 179 (1873)} A holder of debt has basis by virtue of either buying the debt (or otherwise acquiring it in a transaction that gives rise to basis) or by having recognized income in transactions giving rise to the debt. An accrual basis business has basis in amounts receivable from customers to the extent the business recognized income. Thus, sale of inventory for a promise to pay gives a business basis in the resulting account receivable.

Example: Punchy Papers sells $1,000 of paper inventory to Small’s Office Supply in January on open account. In February, Punchy issues a credit memo to Small’s for $80, for a net balance due of $920. Punchy recognized $1,000 of sales in January and $80 of returns and allowances in February. Punchy’s basis is the receivable from Small’s is $920. See Income Tax in the USA, Chapter 32, Accounting Periods and Methods, regarding Punchy’s requirement to use the accrual method with respect to sales of inventory.

Individuals, partnerships of individuals, and smaller corporations may use the cash method of accounting for everything except inventories and sales of inventory in computing income tax in the USA. Such businesses do not have basis in amounts receivable from customers for other than sales of inventory, with one exception. Where income has been recognized on receipt of a check or other instrument or charge to a credit card, the cash basis business has a deductible bad debt if the check, instrument, or charge card is dishonored. For example, Glitz Diner takes a customer’s check on December 31 in payment for dinner, and treated it as income. Glitz deposits the check at the end of the following week, and the next week the check bounces. Glitz can deduct as a business bad debt the amount of the check that was included in December 31 income.

When To Take the Deduction

A bad debt deduction is claimed in the tax year during which the taxpayer determines the debt cannot be collected. {26 CFR 1.166-2} To get the deduction, the debt must have zero value, not just be worth less than basis. In the example above, if in December Mr. Small tells Punchy he will only pay $500 of the bill, absent other evidence of worthlessness Punchy cannot take a deduction. The deduction for the remaining $420 can be claimed only when Small fails to pay.

Worthlessness of a debt is a factual question. It is not necessary that the debtor be insolvent or have declared bankruptcy. Nor is it necessary that the creditor exhaust all legal recourses to collect the debt. Each of these, however, helps to establish that the debt is worthless. It is up to the taxpayer to prove the debt is worthless.


Accounting rules require that an enterprise reduce the carrying value of assets where they are impaired. Under these rules, a bad debt expense is often recognized and a reserve (contra-asset) established. This reserve is often determined based on the experience and judgment of management.

U.S. income tax rules prohibit deducting this expense computed as a reserve (but see the exceptions below). {Note: 26 CFR 1.166-4 was repealed by PL 99-514} To claim a deduction for a bad debt, specific items of debt must be identified as worthless.

Example: Big Wholesale has thousands of customers, and sells on open account. Big’s experience indicates that each year about 2% of customers will fail to pay. Big accrues bad debt expense of 2% of sales for its financial statements. For its tax returns, Big may deduct as bad debts only those accounts receivable which have become uncollectible. Its deduction for tax purposes will likely differ from the expense recognized for financial reporting.

Exceptions apply for banks and for businesses that provide services to customers or clients. Banks compute bad debt deductions under a reserve method, the amount of which is governed by banking regulators. Taxpayers providing services to others for a fee may adopt the “nonaccrual-experience method” of accounting under which a portion of revenues is not accrued. The method applies only to accrual method corporations providing health, law, engineering, architecture, accounting, actuarial, consulting, or performing arts services. Under the method, the taxpayer computes the portion of accounts receivable that are expected to be uncollectible based on the business’s experience. A safe harbor formula is generally used where the amount of reserve at year end equals year end receivables times a ratio. Several different safe harbor ratios are available, including bad debts less recoveries divided by revenues. Each term in the ratio is computed based on a moving average of three to six years. Taxpayers using the method must document re-testing of ratios every three years. {26 USC 448(d)(5); 26 CFR 1.448-2}

Prove It!

Maintaining a paper trail is critical to getting bad debt deductions if the IRS comes calling. Best practices include compiling the following information before filing a tax return:

– Name of each debtor owing a debt considered bad

– Amount owed to taxpayer

– Date the amount was included in income or acquired

– Date the amount was due

– Reason the debt is considered bad

– For each substantial debt, a narrative of the efforts taken to collect the debt

– Copy of invoice(s) or other evidence of the debt

It is not necessary that all amounts by a particular customer be uncollectible for a particular amount to be uncollectible. The bad debt may be limited to a particular invoice, or even a line item on an invoice or even a portion of an invoice. If a customer writes that he won’t pay for a particular item because it was no good, then the amount due from that customer for that item may be a deductible bad debt. If the customer returns the item and is issued a refund, the amount should be considered a refund (reduction of sales) rather than a bad debt.

Recovery of Bad Debts

Sometimes customers pay an amount even after a business has determined it won’t get paid. If the business had claimed a deduction for a bad debt in a prior year, the recovery of that debt is income. Bad debt recoveries are generally reported as other income on a tax return.

Source by Stephen C Fox